Patent Prosecution

Patent Prosecution Timeline

Prepare and File the Patent Application (Days 0-60): It all begins with a great idea. My journey with you starts when you disclose your invention to me.

Invention Disclosure (Day 0): Your innovation is unique and valuable, and I want to ensure it’s protected from the very beginning. You begin by disclosing your invention to me. This is the crucial initial step, where you provide me with detailed information about your invention.

Patent Search (Days 15-30): After receiving your invention disclosure, I conduct a comprehensive patent search to determine the uniqueness of your invention and assess the prior art landscape. This search helps me understand the existing patents and publications related to your invention.

Draft and File the Application (Days 45-60): I take the information from your invention disclosure and the results of the patent search to draft a detailed patent application. I ensure the application meets all legal requirements and then file it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Patent Examiner Review (Months 12-18): The USPTO assigns an examiner to your case who reviews the application. During this time, I may engage in correspondence with the examiner to address any issues.

Patent Examination (Months 24-36): The examiner evaluates the application’s claims, prior art, and any other relevant factors. I work closely with you to ensure the application is in its best form for approval.

Office Actions and Responses (Months 24-36): If the examiner issues an office action with rejections or objections, I respond promptly with strong arguments and amendments.

Allowance and Issuance (Months 36-48): Once the examiner is satisfied the invention is useful, novel, and non-obvious, your patent application is allowed, and the USPTO issues the patent. Congratulations, you now have exclusive rights to your invention!

Maintenance and Renewal (Ongoing): Maintaining your patent is crucial. I assist you in fulfilling maintenance fees and keeping your patent in force.

Understanding the importance of securing your intellectual property through the patent prosecution process is vital. I am dedicated to helping you protect your inventions and innovations. In this post, I provide a concise overview of the patent prosecution timeline, guiding you through the steps necessary to safeguard your intellectual property.

Protecting your intellectual property is a critical step in securing the future of your innovation. I am here to guide you through the patent prosecution timeline and ensure that your invention receives the protection it deserves. Contact me today to get started on your patent journey and safeguard your intellectual property.

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